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Spelling Workout A or...?


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I don't know if SWB updated the recommendations in later editions of TWTM, but I was debating between getting this and just developing my own lists using the guidelines in Phonics Pathways. Well I ended up getting my hands on the Spelling Workout book, but now I think it will not be very challenging at all for DD come fall. Or even now, for that matter. I know she'd like doing it, but I think the first half of it would be easy for her. Do the later books get any more challenging? Should I let her fly through as much as she wants now and see where it slows down? Or should I just use our Phonics Pathways book as a guide (at least for the first year)? :confused:


As a side note, Spelling Power is also on my "maybe" list. But I can't commit to anything I can't see first. I'm hoping I'll find a copy at the book sales this spring.


Thanks in advance!

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Glad I'm not alone. I didn't much like the exercises, either. Perhaps it's too much, but I'm leaning toward using dictation when they practice (I'm planning on using letter tiles to ease the writing burden a bit). It seems like writing the second half of the word and such doesn't much help that.


Well how difficult is it to create spelling lists? Has anyone done this and care to share? I'm split on whether this would be easy enough to do on my own, thereby avoiding an extra workbook (both for cost and variety reasons). Or if the time saved is worth the money invested and another workbook on the shelf.


Also, would doing spelling only twice a week, but for two weeks be effective? Or should it really be 4 or 5 days a week, every week? Things I wish I'd asked myself last year instead of now. :glare:

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