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xpost: Killgallon: Which books do you use?

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I've known for some time that I want to incorporate Killgallon with our WWE. When all of you Killgallon users here talk about it, are you referring only to the Sentence Composing book or the Story Grammar as well? Do you just place them according to age/grade level, or is it based more on ability? Are there TMs to go along with them?



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just purchased Sentence Composing for Elementary School and Story Grammar for Elementary School.

After a quick preview, I think this will be an AMAZING help for my dc. Also looking to see how folks use them - scheduling, pace, what should be expected etc.

We are finished with WWE 3 and FLL3 and plan to start level 4 next fall. I will use Killgallon until then!

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I would start with the Elementary series because I feel they build upon each other well.

Sentence Composing for Elementary School: A Worktext to Build Better Sentences

Story Grammar for Elementary School: A Sentence-Composing Approach: A Student Worktext


As soon as he finishes the first series I don't see any reason not to keep going with the middle school one. The sentences will be more complex.

Sentence Composing for Middle School: A Worktext on Sentence Variety and Maturity

Grammar for Middle School: A Sentence-Composing Approach--A Student Worktext


Of course there is also the High School series, but that may be a little while down the road.

Grammar for High School: A Sentence-Composing Approach-A Student Worktext

Sentence Composing for High School: A Worktext on Sentence Variety and Maturity

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I have used Story Grammar and Grammar for Middle School with my DD. I don't know if she will do any other Killgallon books because they are all fairly similar to each other in terms of their exercises.


I'm pretty sure that with my younger students I will do the following sequence (I alternate with Michael Clay Thompson's materials):


MCT "island" -> Sentence Composing for Elementary -> MCT "town" -> Story Grammar for Elementary -> MCT "voyage" -> Grammar for Middle School

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I just bought that yellow workbook on sentence composing and am feeling a little insecure about! There is no "instruction", just imitating the model sentence. Are we just giving the child good examples to learn from which will stick in their memory for later? I was a little unclear on how it is supposed to be used. I decided to continue with WWE3 along with Killgallon since I like the narration exercises.

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I'm wondering if the Story Grammar book would be overkill since we do FLL. Would it be too much overlap, redundant, or varied and helpful? Thoughts?


FLL and Killgallon are completely different IMHO. Killgallon is applied grammar/sentence writing, while FLL is focused on teaching the various parts of speech, phrases, and clauses. I think that the two programs would be complementary.

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OK, thanks Crimson. Are there TMs or guides for them? In an Amazon description I saw mention of an online teacher's guide, but can't find where to buy it.

I would like to know where to find these as well - I've never seen/heard them mentioned!

We'll be using Killgallon in between MCT much like Crimson mentioned in a previous post. It seems to me like they'll make a great combination!

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