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people really are good

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I've been posting here about my dear friend who at only 32 years old had a massive stroke this week. She is in very very critical condition, and has a 2 year old that needs her. As sad and devastating as this is, it has been heartwarming to see how my community of friends has worked together to support her and her family. Within hours there were prayers being said, candles lit, and meals being made. WE have a meal plan set up to feed the husband, son, both sets of inlaws/parents, AND another family that has taken over childcare and hospital visits. We have a cooler stationed outside her house and meals are being dropped off, snacks, paper goods, etc. Someone is volunteering to mow the lawn and do yard work. I'm dropping off snacks and magazines/books tomorrow.


it really is incredible. I watched a documentary about the Amish the other day, and it showed a barn raising and talked about how you don't see that kind of community spirit in other places. well...I beg to differ. I'm watching that same kind of love and support right here in my little world. What's even more impressive is that the people doing this have different religions, different ethnicities, different walks of life...and yet they all pull together out of love for this mama. It's amazing.


You can see the messages of love and support here, on the webpage that has been set up, if you would like: http://www.llamabear.com/susan/category/love/


If love and prayer can heal, she will make a full recovery.

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