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What to do in place of electronics?

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I'm weird, I know it.


This weekend, the kids and I are going to make a poster to hang on the door to the electronics room. I was thinking of a collage of pictures of other things we could be doing.


So what would you be doing if you had no access to anything electronic?


My first pick is reading.


Dd's would drawing.


Ds's is legos.


3 things will not make a fun poster!

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Have a tea party

Make a fort

Play a board game

Play hide and seek


Go for a hike

Have a read aloud marathon

Snuggle in bed and chat

Go to the park/beach/lake

See friends

Build houses out of cards


Make a campfire and roast marshmallows and have hot chocolate

Do an experiment from here: http://www.stevespanglerscience.com

Do something from here: http://kidswhothink.blogspot.com/

Plan a "trip" somewhere: read about another country or state, get music from there, dress up, make food from there.



Hang a hammock somewhere and daydream

Do artist trading cards

Go to Goodwill and find something that inspires you

Play flashlight tag (even in the house)

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Make pretzles or bread, muffins etc

Have a mini bonfire and roast hot dogs (tofu pups?)

Go for a walk and collect 'treasure'. Put in a large or small glass jars. This is actually pretty on a mantel or shelf. Stones of various sizes, sticks, leaves, any mosses sticking out of the snow (if you have snow).

Learn to finger knit

Get out the glitter and glue and make B'day or other cards for future needs

Play a board game or something like Boggle

Hang Man on the WHite Board (if you have one)

Play Uno, Go Fish, War

Memorize silly poems of kid limericks. Make up your own

Listen to audio books snuggled up by flash or candle light

Sew something. A book bag is easy, even if the stiches are not great. Maybe you know someone with a sewing machine who could reinforce them later. They could cut out star shapes and glue them on (and then have them reinforced) if they get tired of sewing.

Do you have a Y with free swim near you? You don't have to be a member, although there is a fee.

Go ice skating inside if none outside. Our rink has open hours all morning for anyone (after hockey practice and before skate lessons). $5 if you have your own skates. $9 if you need to rent

If you have a large roll of butcher block paper, you can trace your bodies and make large posters of yourselves. Cut them out and hang on the bedroom doors

Cut out pictures and words from magazines and make a family collage with love words, places you might like to visit, polaces you have visited etc.

Make playdough or corn startch dough

Paint with water colors

Make paper mache planets with balloons

Do you have anywhere in your house you might put in a chin up bar or cloth Ikea-type swing? Garage?

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