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I need help


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I'm having a hard time trying to explain consonant blends to my ds. This is my 11 yr old dyslexic ds.


I had him do an exercise in which he had to write down all words in a story with the 'er' sound. On his list he included the words "from" and "pretty" and I can't explain it so that he understands what he did wrong. He tells me he doesn't hear a difference when I pronounce the word "per-etty" and when I say "pretty." Same with "from" I tried to have him hear the difference between "fer-um" and "from." He looks at me like this :001_huh::confused: and tells me they are the same.


I have tried over and over and over to get him to understand consonant blends vs the "er" sound and it's just not happening. It shows in his spelling.



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