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Tell me about MCT


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I've seen a bunch of references too it, but I don't quite get what it is. I saw the samples online. I want to get an idea of how it's used. I think it could really appeal to my girls who LOVE stories. I have a 9 year old dd who is a little behind in writing. We are currently using WWE2 and FLL3 and I just bought WWW3. She doesn't struggle too much with grammar, just the actual process of writing.


So, how do you use MCT? I'm assuming that she'd be in Sentence Island. Is it a daily lesson kind of thing or is it more of a wing it type of thing?

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One of the appeals is that you can use it however you want to. My D is not yet a strong writer and we hadn't done any formal grammar lessons. We got the Island level a few months ago and slowed down a bit with our other studies to focus more on grammar, we read as much as we wanted to every day for a few weeks. We went over Grammar Island twice before we fully understood it, then moved on to Sentence Island, which is written like a story and was fun. The Latin portion has a lot of poems about the stems that my D thought were great, so she read them a lot. We just finished up the poetry book, but will probably read it again while we start the Town level. We'll finish Practice Island right about the time we're ready for practice Town. The best part of this program for us has been my D's ability to retain the information. Maybe it's because we went at our own pace and went back to things to make sure we really understood. Perhaps the beauty of it is that we even wanted to read it again. I hope this is helpful. Cheers.


BTW, I think a 6 year old might enjoy it, too.

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