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MCT gives EXCELLENT retention!!!


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Dd12 did MCT Town level 2 1/2 yrs ago. Now we're doing R+S 7, which is still not challenging her-she keeps saying she already learned all this in MCT!! I can't believe how much she remembers from that program. It is by far the most effective program we've used! (But we didn't love the writing.)


Now, I have to say, she has always been a very advanced student, and that program just really spoke to her, and she adored it. So that could be something to do with it. But I've been amazed at the retention. And now that we're in 7th grade grammar, I am marveling at how much MCT packed into that program, and how well done it is, and how much we learned from it. I didn't really realize it as much at the time.


Anyway, I am always wondering if this or that program provides retention, so I hope this helps someone who may be wondering!

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Thanks for the encouraging post, OP! I scooped up the Island set used about a month ago for us to start in the fall (ds will only be in 3rd grade in the fall, so not starting it yet).


It is wonderful to hear stuff like this before we begin the curriculum, in case it's challenging to implement or ds fights me on certain parts. I'll be more motivated to stick with it after being reminded that it really works!!



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