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Balance, especially mentally

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I hope I'm not the only one who has a tough time getting it all together, so to speak. I'm really struggling right now with managing all of the tasks I need to do, from school stuff to housework and everything else too. But my biggest problem isn't an inability to DO stuff, it's an inability to organize my thoughts. I feel like my brain is constantly jumping from one task to another, even when my body is still working on the first. And if there is ever a quiet moment (that I'm not sleeping through!), the sheer quantity of tasks and projects I can come up with is overwhelming.


What are some things you've done that help you find mental balance - being in the moment when that's needed, focusing on the most important tasks, and letting go of those things that just aren't going to get done (like sorting through our book collection, which is overflowing our shelves and is probably nearing 1000 books)?

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I don't know. You just described my life. Today inbetween schooling, I managed to scrub all the floors in the living area, wash a ton of laundry, and STILL when I had a quiet moment I looked up at a blank wall and decided I needed to get some chalkboard paint and make a blackboard. :001_huh:


Oh, and I sometimes think if I actually DID have the ability to focus intently on one thing at a time, I'd probably have burned the house down by now. :tongue_smilie:

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Um. By saying to myself, "Rosie, my dear, you have been sleep deprived for the better part of six years. If you get anything productive done at all, everyone should praise you." And you need to find an internet buddy there is someone to tell you how wonderful you are when you do stuff, and sympathise when you don't.


Schedule the book sorting for New Years Eve. I find it the perfect time for that kind of reflective activity and you have until midnight so it doesn't matter if you feel the need to stop and read a few chapters of something.




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