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Store bought breads with low sodium content?

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I have been able to find whole grain store-bought breads without HFCS & with good levels of fiber. But when I've looked at sodium content, it's really pretty high. Most brands run about 7-8% of your daily allowance per slice! I found one that ran 5%, but it's a dollar more than other brands comparable in fiber and which taste better.


If you've ever looked at sodium content in breads (i realize most people don't), have you found a brand with a level lower than 5% per slice that is also whole grain, no HFCS, and with at least 2-3 g's of fiber per slice?


Thanks for sharing!

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Healthy Life 100% Whole Grain is 10% for 2 slices or obviously 5% for 1. It has no HFCS. It is not too high priced and I often have a coupon.


You could make your own bread, but bread needs some salt to turn out well. I don't know how homemade bread compares to store bought in terms of sodium.

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