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Shakespeare unit study?


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Yes, there are!


The Folger Shakespeare Library has an entire collection of FIRST-RATE lesson plans for Shakespeare, for all ages and abilities, from early elementary up to advanced high school. They're intended for classroom use, but I have used them individually as well as in a group setting, and they are extremely well done.




And if you live ANYWHERE near Washington, D.C. and can manage a field trip to the Folger (it's directly behind the Capitol and within walking distance of Union Station (i.e., GREAT EATS! :lol: ), let them know in advance that you are coming, and they'll put together an awesome little program for you, free. (Well, taxpayer-funded.)


It's like happy-purgatory for retired English teachers - most of the docents used to teach and now get to sit around hatching up fun Shakespeare events for field trips. (If there's no heaven, that's where I want to go when I die. The Folger. :lol:)




Editing to Add: The lesson plans are FREE, and the pdf's are already put together, easy-peasy. I just taught 1st-3rd graders (at our co-op) this mini lesson "A Casket, A Casket," and then we had fun giving each other Shakespearean compliments. The children (and the teacher!) had a BALL! (In high school we do the insults. Very entertaining. )

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