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Downsizing question/help

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I am ready to do some serious downsizing. We have WAY too much stuff/clutter! Anyway, I'm ok getting rid of pretty much everything, but it's the books/school stuff that I'm just not sure about. Has anyone downsized their library successfully and been ok with it? I'm thinking about only keeping the school books we have to have (which means getting rid of all the extras that are just sitting on the shelf for no reason other than maybe we will use them some year...haven't touched them in over 3 years!), putting as many books as possible on my kindle and then just using the library & internet. So what do you think? Am I crazy or is it doable? I'm just suffocating in all the stuff and it seems like I never have time for anything 'cause when we get school done, the household chores are just overwhelming and I can never get caught up! Something has to give...any advice/similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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