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My dog is freaking out.

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She's acting like she does on the fourth of July and the fireworks are going off--panting, shaking, climbing up on laps (she's a lab, not usually a lap dog), and pacing. I can't see or hear anything that would make her so upset. She's about 10 years old (we adopted her in 2004), and I've never seen her act like this unless there was a thunderstorm or other loud noise bothering her.


She's been like this for a couple of hours. Any ideas? Should I worry? Call the vet?

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Have you ever tried that calming dog jacket thing? Thundershirt or Anxiety Wrap...I hear it does great things for anxious dogs. Other than that I don't know what to tell you other than a good vet check is in order. My dog doesn't like storms or fireworks, but we tend to ignore her when she's upset. We treat her like it's any other day.

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Is she a big dog? What does her stomach feel like-- soft and pliable or hard and distended?


Seriously-- bloat kills. call the vet!


Hoping she's ok!



:iagree: this is how my dog acted when he had bloat. The panting especially. Our lab survived only because they got him in surgery right away. :grouphug:

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Hi -


I hope you dog is feeling better. I recently lost a standard poodle that had symptoms like you described. At first, she only did it before or during a storm. Then, she started doing it at random times. Our vet thought that maybe she was having panic attacks. The only thing that really helped her was getting in my bed with her. She loved to sleep in my bed and she would calm down there most of the time. A little melatonin helped some, but not much. Our vet mentioned that we could give her anti anxiety meds if it got worse. We never did try the medicine. I didn't want to drug her. Her attacks would come and go. One week she would be fine and the next week she would have several. It was upsetting to see her like that because usually she was so happy and confident. We lost her in November to something unrelated. I still miss her terribly.


Good luck with your dog,


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Sorry I didn't see this sooner--it's been crazy busy around here--but I find it so sweet that you were all worried about our girl. :001_wub:


I just looked up bloat, but I don't believe that's it. She doesn't have the other symptoms (eating and drinking fine, etc.), but we are taking her to the vet this afternoon to see if it might be something else--diabetes, maybe? I was going to take her yesterday, but I didn't have a car (see here), and dh didn't get home from work until after 10pm.


She's much better today, but I'll update later if there's any news. And thanks again for your help and concern. ♥


ETA: Scratch that, we can't get her in until tomorrow morning. :( But she is looking so much better, I'm okay with waiting.

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An update for those who are interested:


The vet said our girl is a tad bit overweight (who isn't? :D), but otherwise remarkably healthy for her age and breed. We went with the "senior package," which includes a thorough going over, along with tests for any hidden issues. We should have the results tomorrow.


In the meantime, she seems to be back to normal! :001_smile:

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I'm glad she's doing okay. Poor thing.


I've had two labs in my life. One I grew up with, and she was very calm, but like that during storms and, as you said, the 4th of July!! The one I had as an adult... oh boy. She was always a nervous sort and had trouble relaxing, but as she got older, she would pace, pant, the whole works. Just very, very anxious.


Suzanne, we have a standard poodle now. He's so sweet! I'm sorry you lost your baby.


Mamabegood, let us know what the vet says!! And give her some extra treats anyway, she's an elderly woman, after all!! ;)

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