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BJU Geometry books only?

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I am sure it has been discussed - I am not good a searching for things on here....


I purchase the 5-book set of BJU Geometry for my ds (used of course but excellent condition). Unfortunately, we cannot afford to buy/lease DVDs. Do you think this will be doable for my ds who is a struggler in math? Another type of videos we can use for this program?


We used Lial's for Algebra I and he did B average. I looked at Jacob's but it seems a bit much for him plus a bit costly.


I like the fact that BJU has 3 different tracts and you pick the tract that fits them best. BUT if we need to change curriculum, I would consider it.....I have heard MUS is good but not sure if Mr. Demme's methods are understandable starting in high school if we didn't use his previous materials....


Thanks for any input!

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