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Koine Greek as a high school language?

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Hi all,


My second oldest dd will be in 9th next year. She's studied several years of Latin but is now ready to choose her high school study. She's only interested right now in applying to Christian schools as she hopes to study missions and children's ministry. Would Koine Greek make sense for her?


I'm somewhat concerned as if she were to change course a more traditional language might be better received by colleges. Her older sister has studied Spanish, but she does not want to do that. Her second choice would be French.


Thoughts or experience? Did anyone use Greek to meet their FL requirement for high school? Curriculum recs?

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Some colleges want to see specifically a *modern*, spoken foreign language. The best thing would be to inquire directly with the colleges you are potentially interested in.


I would be a "better safe than sorry" person here - meaning that, sure, I would welcome and encourage my child's desire to learn ancient Greek as much as they want, but I would make sure they had at least several years of a modern foreign language, for general education and just in case for these formalities.

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I personally took Koine Greek as my high school foreign language credits, and attended 1 university and 1 Christian college with no problem whatsoever. Perhaps it would be a good idea just to call the admissions office at 3 or 4 colleges that might be in the general consideration for your child and just ask if Koine Greek would "count" as their language requirement for admission to that college. That would at least give you an idea of what the requirements are for the types of colleges you'll be considering.

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My son had one year of Latin and 3 years of Greek in high school.


I was a bit concerned at his odd assortment of languages, and especially his lack of a fourth year in any foreign language. i was also concerned that he did not have an SAT-2 test in a foreign language, since there is no Greek SAT-2.


All of his interviewers seemed to find his studying Greek absolutely fascinating -- his Greek study came up in EVERY college interview. He was accepted to a wide range of colleges (a USNWR top 10 university, a USNWR top 15 LAC, a top-ranked state school, and a small religious LAC).


Apparently only about 1000 high school students in the country study Greek, so any high school student who knows Greek will stand out.


BTW, my kids have only studied either Latin or Greek for a foreign language, and no college has blinked. (My kids have applied to 14 colleges total -- and they range widely in type.) I am aware the certain service academies want a modern language, but I am not aware of any other colleges that require a modern foreign language.

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Oh, fun! My oldest will have 3 or 4 years of Latin, and ... well, he's studied Greek for two years, but I think he's only covered the material for a Greek I credit. He'll have two years of German on top of that. Hopefully that will look interesting to the colleges ;-)


My 2nd oldest will likely end up with two or more Greek credits.

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