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Anyone In These Cities?

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Salisbury, MD

Keene, NH

Johnstown, PA

Lancaster, PA

Binghamton, NY

Mississauga, ON

Madison, WI

Joliet, IL

State College, PA

Saskatoon, SK

Regina, SK

Winnipeg, MB

Vancouver, BC


Reason I'm asking is that we went to closing night at Cats, and they didn't have the nice program in stock...the one w/the pictures, etc. I really want to get one for Diva, and they don't have them available on the website. You don't need to attend the show itself to buy anything, just go in on a performance date and hit the stand.


I know it's an extremely long shot, but if anyone lives in these cities, I'd really, really appreciate it.


The dates and actual locations are here:



Like I said, I realize it's an extremely long shot, but I appreciate anyone reading this thread!

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I live in one that comes later than than Keene. I'm gone most of the weekend they are here but if my husband agrees to drive me downtown, I might be able to catch the Sunday mattinee one. If you can't work out details with the other poster, let me know and I'll talk to my husband and see if he can help me out (parking is a pain near there so I want him to drive me there so I can just hop out, run in and get the program, and run back out without trying to figure out where to park)

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