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When I am using FIAR, I supplement with math, handwriting, phonics until completed, and Christian Liberty Nature Readers for a combination of science/reading. I do not do grammar yet at that age, but I do begin spelling lessons once they are reading quite well on their own. I do not do any additional history or geography ... but I really focus on that area in our FIAR studies. We use a lot of supplemental books and maps for history and geography.

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When my little girl was learning to read we used PP and we have done mostly R&S math. We have done Old Fashioned Education books on the side, but I don't include those in my school time as our main schooling is FIAR.


Now I have started

~~letting my dd read from the FIAR book or from one of our go-alongs ( we often get another picture book related to the science or history topic) for reading practice. For example if we are studying apples she can read from the picture book Let's Read and Find Our about Apples. That is her reading practice and science wrapped in one ball. I don't consider this supplementing as it is just an extension of the topics covered.

~~For handwriting I have started letting dd use the free print outs that a FIAR mom made up that is taken from the books in each of the 4 vols. And whatever printouts I may get from HSS that too is writing practice. I will ask her the questions, she gives me the answers, I print them on the white board, and she uses that as copy work. There we have spelling, punctuation, and writing.

~~Math is the thorn in our sides. I am just no help there.

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