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Can you point me toward "Thirty Years' War" stories?


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I'm not finding any. I'm hoping there are some good books/stories on the Thirty Years' War.


We're doing SOTW 3 and I'm not loving the "additional reading" suggestions. Maybe there's just not much out there.






There is a Henty book called Lion of the North that Jim Weiss recorded. It was quite popular with my kids. There seems to be another Henty book set in the same era.


You might try looking for books about related topics, like Huguenots. That would at least get you onto the topic of inter-confessional strife.


Cyrano de Bergerac seems to be set in the late period of the war, but isn't much about the war.


Not appropriate for little kids, but the Eric Flint Ring of Fire history is set during the period. It is very well done alternate history. But I think it's best if you know the history already. I tend to hold off on alternate history until I think they know the real timeline first.


There is a book called Enemy at the Gate by Ritchie. This takes place during the Siege of Vienna which was about 20 years after the end of the Thirty Years War.

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