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My dd seems to have plateaued in reading comp. What to do now?

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Dd10 seems to have reached some sort of plateau WRT reading comp and I'm not sure how to get her over the hump.


She's an avid reader and enjoys books like LOTR, Secret Garden, Percy Jackson :tongue_smilie:, and many others. She seems do be doing well with the TOG D level books and her vocabulary is solid for her age.


But we've been doing the McCall Crabbs books for years now and since she was in gr. 4 she is scoring an avg. of about 6.8 on those. This hasn't gone up at all this year. :confused: In fact, it used to be she was getting 100% to score a 6.8 and now she's getting quite a number of questions wrong to end up with the same score.


I think part of the reason she is getting so many questions wrong is because a good number of them deal with forming conclusions and making inferences- this has always been a weak area for her.


She's currently also working through CLE Reading 5 and getting good scores on the daily lessons & quizzes/tests (90% or more) but I'm baffled why the lower score on the McCall Crabbs. It's not a timing issue. She's not rushed to get done (they must be completed in 3 min.) and even when we go over the answers after she's not sure what the correct one should be.


She reads a ton as it is and I try to discuss with her as much as I can.


I'd really appreciate some pointers on what we can use to help her with making inferences in her reading as well as how to increase her reading comprehension in general. I'm not really sure what's going on. :001_huh:


ETA: she reads both fiction and non-fiction and seems to be scoring equally on them. If anything I'd say her fiction reading skills are lower than the non-fiction but not by much. Not sure if this is relevant or not, but wanted to add in that she's used to studying/reading non-fiction and actually enjoys it quite a bit.

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