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We are using RS B for DS in 1st this year. We have the basic with standard abacus. There are only a couple of differences - the deluxe includes the Math Card Games book, a calculator, centimeter cubes, fraction tiles, and plastic american coins. You can buy the Card Games book separately if you think you'd like it. The calculator you probably already have one of. The fraction tiles, centimeter cubes, and plastic coins you can get at teacher supply stores. But you don't NEED them. We used *real* coins from the change jar on the fridge. My personal $.02 (from the change jar ;)) is use the money on something else. If you really want it to go to math you could get a different fun math-y game like Math Dice Jr, Frog Juice, or just spend it on a nice container to put all your RS manipulatives in :tongue_smilie:


ETA: we have the Math Card Games book thinking it would be useful for DS and older DD but honestly there are enough games in the RS B curriculum for him, and DD in 4th prefers to play TimezAttacks and apps on the iPad. We don't use the book hardly at all

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