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All About Spelling readers?


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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the readers! We started with Cobweb the Cat and now have the level 2 readers. They are such good stories. My ds loves reading them. I think they make him feel like he's reading "real" books.


A friend gave us the first book (level one volume one) and he's using it for studied dictation. I think it would have been great as a very beginning reader.


Are you using AAS? We love it too.



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I have currently on AAS3 with my dear daughter and never purchased the readers. However, there was a few times I would pull up the sample pages off of their website and let her read a couple stories that way. She always enjoyed them but I couldn't justify spending more.


Fast forward a couple years and I just received the AAR PreReading level package for my middle dd that has two readers in it and my kids (even my older dd) go wild for them. They do really seem to enjoy them.


If I have the money going forward I think I will splurge and get some to go along with AAS.

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They are very nice books, well-bound and beautifully illustrated. The stories are fairly interesting and yet simple enough for the beginning reader to feel accomplished. I have 4 of them and my DS8 reads and re-reads them often.


Bob books have their place. We were fortunate to be able to borrow them from the library. But my DS8, who was a late reader, found them too baby-ish, and hated the illustrations. They are also small and more like booklets.

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