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What to do after CLE LTR?


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My dd will be finishing up CLE's LTR program this spring and I am trying to figure out what to use next if we don't continue with their LA. I have been reading a lot about how some don't like all of the markings in the 2nd grade, and after looking the samples over, I agree ;)


We are going to be using HOD's Beyond next year, so we'll do some light grammar and the emerging readers in the guide, but I would like to do another year of phonics I think....or at least maybe something like AAS alongside it. I am thinking that might be a bit too teacher intensive now that I am expecting baby #5 in the fall though, so am open to what route others are going after CLE LTR.



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Probably not what you want hear, but we are going with AAS for phonics review after LTR. You could always use ETC type phonics books if you just want some worksheets to review occasionally. I also printed off Word Mastery from Don Potter's website and will use random pages for phonics/reading practice.


No, not really :lol: But probably the best route ;) 20 mins, 3 x a week of AAS spelling might be ok though. We are doing double that with LTR now. We just do it during naptime now :D


What ETC books would you start with after LTR? Thats a good idea for the days I would be unavailable. Hmmm maybe the Letters and Sounds book from Abeka?


Anyone else:confused:

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I'm not going to be much help because we are only on 106 of LTR.

However, I do really like the Explode the Code books. They are very simple to use and have a lot of bang for the buck.

I think All About Spelling would probably be your best bet though.

Another simple choice would be to use Phonics Pathways. It is a guidebook, relatively inexpensive, and covers a lot. You could easily jump in the book wherever you feel your child is at. There are no worksheets or manipulatives. It is just you and your child sitting on the couch reading the lesson together.

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