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Abscess on new puppy...

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Saturday I picked up our new white German Shepherd puppy.


He is 8 weeks old.


When we got home Saturday night I noticed a small bump on his tummy next to his 'wee wee' (near top) by last 'nip ple'.. by Sunday night it had grown and was evident that it was an abscess. This morning it developed a 'head'.


The abscess is about 1/2 inch in diameter and sticks out almost that much now.


I called our vet but we could not get in until tomorrow afternoon...


I've treated many abscesses on our cat-- but never one on a young puppy.


I'm hoping and praying that it does not rupture tonight...


He does not seem in any discomfort-- he is one happy VERY active little guy!


Any thoughts, words of wisdom and of course prayers appreciated!


I'd hate for this to get out of hand and him need surgery at such a young age.




PS his name is "Charles Tucker III" aka "Trip".

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this thing is big--and it just ruptured... yucky green/yellow stuff.


He just gave a small yelp, licked himself for a second then jumped up and continued playing...


I want his energy for one day-- I could do wonders!


I also want a nickel for every time I've told him 'No!' today... I could retire!

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