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urgent, prayers needed, life or death situation

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A friend of mine is about to have brain surgery. She passed out and apprantely had a massive stroke earlier today. It is touch and go. Please please pray, as hard as you can for this mama...I don't feel comfortable sharing her name, but her first initial is S. God knows who she is.

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Definitely praying.


I went through a similar situation (and have posted about it before). My aunt (more like a sister) was brought in to the ER by her husband and found to have a life-threatening brain tumor. She had to have emergency surgery. It was very, very frightening.


Keep us posted. PM me if you have specific questions--I'm happy to help.



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Just bumping this up. She needs all the prayer she can get. She was 7 weeks pregnant, but not anymore.....Her son is the same age as my daughter. She is the nicest woman I've probably ever met. Selfless, brings meals to new mamas in our community even those she has never met. She volunteers with a group that provides screened breastmilk to babies in need, she just is wonderful, and it is breaking my heart, and the hearts of so many women, to know she is fighting for her life. She had a massive stroke and collapsed...they are doing surgery to stop the bleeding and remove the clot, but say she may not survive the surgery.

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praying...let us know how she is doing. Are you holding up alright? How is her family?


I just heard an update. The hospital they transferred her to decided not to do surgery at this time. She is in the ICU in critical condition. i don't know more than that.


Thank you for asking about me.....I'm making myself stay as calm as possible, as I am 12 weeks pregnant myself and I know the stress hormones are bad for the baby. But I keep sobbing anyway. She is so very full of life....they just bought a house, she bought a small business selling cloth diapers from another friend, she is on the board of a non profit, and she is always always smiling. I was just at her son's birthday party a few weeks ago...we were drinking fruit punch and talking about baby carriers and now this...it is beyond comprehension.


Another friend of mine is her best friend...they have been through so much together, I can't imagine how this is hitting her. She is watching the son overnight so the husband can be at the hospital. he is a high needs boy, very sensitive, so please pray for him to have a peaceful night. It is his first night without his mom.

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