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x-post: how does this look for 7th grade?

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Before I present final numbers to my hubby I'd like to know if this looks like a good plan. My son is smart, but not overly motivated by any means. He does read well. Writing is not great, and he hates it, but we are getting there. We will have a newborn in September, and a 2 year old, so keep that in mind...i don't want to make myself crazy. We also attend a co-op one day a week for 4 hours, that does some science, art, and music.


History, Lit, and Bible: Sonlight Core H

Writing: WWS

Grammar: KISS

Math: Kinetic Books Algebra I

Science: Sonlight Science H, which is Apologia General Science with lesson plans and a kit with all the stuff for the experiments, various science documentaries.

Logic: The Thinking Toolbox from the authors of the Fallacy Detective

Spanish: SOS or the Monarch version of Secondary Spanish

Typing: Typing Instructor for Kids (already using and making progress slowly)

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I think this looks really good. You don't have a spelling program or vocabulary program, but if you have a strong reader, speller that shouldn't be a big deal at all. I think as they get older that becomes less of an issue.


I'm impressed with a two yr old and new baby! :)


Oops, forgot..I'm going to use a free online program for vocab...I forget the name, lol, but it is an SAT word program. I figure that and the amount of reading in Sonlight will work well to improve his vocab.


As for spelling, it never gets done, and he spells pretty well, so I'm just dropping it for now.


And wait to be impressed until I deal with it! My first two were 10 years apart, these will be only 2 1/2 years apart, I'm scared!

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Yes, I understand. My first three were stepping stones and even though it was hard, it got easier as they got older. Now, I have a two yr old and the whole house is upside down. We waited seven yrs for him! lol :lol: I had to ditch everything this year that I was doing and switch to paces just so we could get school done. But, it's worth it, and there are some years that are just like that. Life happens and you have to adjust, right?! :001_smile: Although, I do really look forward to trying different things for next year, but I will admit; paces has been a great solution!!

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