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Should I take DS to the doctor?

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Digby came down with a fever on Thursday afternoon. It was up to 102.2. It would go down for periods of time, then back up to 102.2. After a few days, he started saying his throat hurt. Now the fever is mostly cooled, but still goes up to 100.5 occasionally. He's extremely congested, but won't let me help him blow his nose. I think he thinks it's like being suffocated to have tissue over his nose. On Friday night he had a horrible bloody nose in the middle of the night (he said he picked it). On Saturday night he threw up a teensy bit in his crib. Now he often says he has to throw up, but he doesn't.


I give him Tylenol at bed and before naps to help him sleep. I just noticed that the warning label said to see a doctor if a sore throat was accompanied with a fever or vomiting. Do you know why? My doctor's office is pretty good about getting us in the same day, but I don't have the car today and we'd have to walk 30 minutes. Not impossible, but not ideal. Tomorrow I would be able to take DH to work, then have the car. Is it urgent enough that I ought to get him in today?


(and a *GAH* I hate cold and flu season!!)

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I'd call and ask. My kids have been sick a LOT lately and at various times the nurses have recommended immediately coming in or staying at home watching, with advice of what problems should cause me to call. I think if you have no one to talk to for advice, fever for this long + cough + vomiting would make me take my child in.

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Thank you everyone. I ended up bundling everyone up and making the trek. It was well worth the ridiculous wait as she barely looked at his throat before ordering the strep test. She said it was so swollen and filled with pus. :crying: DH met us there and we got some antibiotics. Hopefully Digby will be feeling better soon.


(Ok and can I say how nervous I was when we got there. I've taken him in twice before thinking something was wrong when nothing was, so I was nervous about that. But all weekend he's been less energetic, but as soon as we got to the Dr. office he was running around like his normal crazy self. I was so worried they would think I was making stuff up. Good thing you can't fake a fever and strep! :lol: oy!)

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