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Box Day!! Got our MFW second Ed. Kindergarten!


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I can't wait to dig in, and neither can my son. He's asking to start today. Any reason why we can't? Should I wait and prepare first?


Anybody have any advice/ tips for me, as we embark on this adventure for the first time?


I'd especially love to hear from anyone who has done/ is currently doing MFW K.


Thanks! Off to read the manual!

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I decided to wait till I make sure I have everything I need all redy to go. Just got a little excited ;) .


I think I am going to get a laminator so that I can re use the flash cards, letter game and chart, etc.


Did you get the literature pack too, or are you planning on just getting the books needed at the library?

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I'm so jealous. We purchased MFWK this past fall, so we have the older edition. I wishwishwish we'd had the new one b/c I think it would've made life so much easier.


My DD really enjoyed the creation unit at the beginning. Definitely take some time to read the MFW idea forums and check out some blogs. So many times, for different letters/units, we'd finish up only to stumble across a super-cute idea that someone else had done (that I wished we'd seen). So definitely take some time and read through it, do some googling if you want to add in extra fun stuff. MamaJenn's blog is filled with awesome ideas; she has handwriting pages for each of the badge phrases too.

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