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Kern-Analytical Learning - Discussion Wk. 1

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Ok. I'll be first into the lion's den. :D


My summary: Kern discusses the types or modes of teaching/learning--the Analytical, which is the predominate, flawed method currently in use in most schools, in which a teacher's role is to "...provide stimulus and they (students) respond..." "..to habituate them (students) in processes that they repeat often enough that they can continue to do them in various contexts," and the Normative in which "Teaching is the overflow of the teacher's soul into the lives of his students," and which takes as its goal teaching the student to see Truth. He points to when a shift began from normative to analytical methods both in time (the French Revolution) and a man (Renee Descartes). He points to statistics and mathematically measurable/testable methods of assessment as indicative of this analytical type, although this wasn't directly stated, just hinted at.


My particular rabbit trails so far are the mention of Simone Weil's piece about geometry being training for prayer. I want to find this and read it. It seems, in some ways, to refute him when he later says that the "faculties" psychology was a weak defense of classical studies. Still thinking...


So what should teachers do to be better teachers? If teaching is an overflow of the teacher's soul, etc. we had better work on getting a soul that overflows with those things we wish to see in our students' lives.


Loved the ideas of "we are what we behold" and behold vs. look. How does this play out in practical life, ie in choice of reading material (twaddle) and other entertainment (TV, film, theatre, etc.) What about something as mundane as decor? Wasn't it Plato who said the "philosopher" class of people should live among beautiful things? I will have to look into that...


Finally analysis should not be vilified but returned to its proper place--"The Analytical mind has brought great shame on itself by making itself the ultimate."


This is what is going round in my head after listening to this talk. I'd love to know where other folks' rabbit trails have led.:bigear:

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