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Latin dilemma

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I need advice.


My boys are going to high school next year. I am both happy and sad about this - it is the end of an era.


So they will be in 9th grade. My boys have taken two years of high school Latin with a private teacher. She used Henle, supplementing with her own materials. It was by far their most challenging, intense work, and I feel confident that it was very much a real high school level class - no dumbing down.


So neither boy is wild about taking LAtin in high school, even though the Latin teacher at this private school they will attend has a great reputation and students who love her. Both boys want to take Spanish 1-4.


My issue is that if they do that, they will have no Latin showing on their high school transcript despite so much hard work.


I have a few choices. I can just ket them go on to Spanish and know that the Latin has benfitted them in ways that are wonderful, transcript or not.


I can tell them to take Latin II over with this teacher, who uses Cambridge so it would be a little different and would be an easy A for them. Another friend transferred to this school after just one year of Latin with their current teacher, and said Latin two was easy for her.


Or I could have them do Latin III somewhere accredited online and get the school to letcthat reflect on their high school transcript. I am pretty sure that despite what anyone might say, colleges are utterly unimpressed with anything on your 8th grade transcript.


I could encourage them to take Latin III but they will hate me, lol.

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I'd let them choose. By the time Calvin went to school (starting in year 10, so the equivalent of 9th grade) I decided that he had to have some choice (within solid, academic subjects) in what he was doing. It's more important that they be enthusiastic and hard working in Spanish than that they continue (reluctantly) the Latin that they have done at home. You go them this far. Well done! Now let them choose.



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and I am not wanting to force the issue. If they really absolutely insisted on not taking Latin again, I would let it go. But I sort of want to push the issue because I think later they will be glad they took it.

I would push it. But that is me, in my mind, Latin is exactly like math - you do not simply "give up" math halfway through school, other than in exceptional circumstances and exceptional schooling arrangements, because it is viewed like a part of the standard educational package. If Latin is non-negotiable for you, you must take that attitude. If it is not non-negotiable for you, then you have nothing to worry about anyway and let them do what they want.

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I would very strongly encourage them to take Latin. They will have to own it, but I would find incentives.


My ds shadowed at the local high school and sat in on a Spanish class. After starting Wheelock's Latin 1b w/Lukeion this year in the middle of the year (after Henle 1), he was amazed at how easy Spanish was. The teacher even told him that he knew more "Spanish" than half the class b/c of his Latin.


FWIW, Wheelock's hasn't been an absolute breeze for him after switching from Henle. There is a different order of grammar and vocabulary covered. It has also helped him cement what he knows.


Latin will serve them well for a very long time.



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Another possibility would be to have them take the SAT subject test in Latin (though two years may not be adequate preparation); you could have them take the Latin practice test in The Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests which your library might have. Alternatively, they could take the National Latin Exam. Either of these tests would show that they have a measure of proficiency in Latin even if the subject does not show up on their high school transcripts.




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