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Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is awesome. The Christmas lights are up but the crowds are low.


One water park is typically closed (they change it yearly) and a few rides may be down, it just depends on what needs refurbished.


Here is a link to the current schedule for 2012 for refurbishments:




Here is my FAVORITE WDW planning site as it is FREE!!!!!!!!





Park hours and crowd calendars are on there.

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Early June isn't great. It's hot and humid already, and people are starting to fill up the place on their vacations.


Late Nov/early Dec is AWESOME. The Thanksgiving crowds are down, but decorations are up. The weather is fabulous. Things are open and spiffed up for Christmas. It's one of the best times to be down here!

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Our trip in 2007 the first week of December wasn't bad crowd wise. There was some sport thing going on so the weekends were very crowded.


This past trip in Dec 2011 ..third week...was better crowd wise but we used the touringplans.com to help plan our day so maybe it helped?


The Christmas decorations are up and worth seeing. There were rides closed in 2007 that did affect our trip, not so in 2011. The only ride that we almost didn't get to ride was closed half a day for emergency repair! But they got it open late :-) The Holiday lights at Hollywood Studios is worth going in the holiday season. It was incredible and wish we had gone back another night to see again.


We like going in Dec. We did a FL trip in 2010 in early Nov. Weather was the same...not significantly warmer...and things were crowded(did space center and universal studios). In fact, I think we swam more this 2011 trip the third week of Dec than any of our previous FL trips!


it's a good time to go and closures aren't widespread. You can see closures and upcoming closures on the disney website.

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Usually it can be cold around Christmas day. Although not always. November/early December are great weather wise. Just remember the week before and after Thanksgiving can be really crowded.


June is hot. Really hot. Between school graduation parties and foreign tour groups the parks are usually not fun.

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