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Tips for hanging wallpaper?

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My advice--don't do it!! Removing wallpaper is straight out of one of Dante's circles of hell!!


If you do insist on doing it, make sure your prime the walls with wallpaper primer (I think that is what it is called--looks like paint) so you can remove the paper easier later.

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Leave overhang at top and bottom, then cut with a razor knife.

Make sure you match pattern at the seams

Follow instructions on the paste, dh used to hang paper professionally, and he did something called booking. I don't know, I was never allowed to hang paper. :D

If you have a cat, watch out, some like to lick the wallpaper paste

Overhang on corners as well, being careful to match pattern, then cut with razor knife

Size the walls before hanging, the person who rips off the paper will thank you.

Have a long table to work at. Dh used to have this awesome wallpaper table, it was about six feet long.

Have a relaxing beverage of choice available after you're done. You'll need it.

Make sure your dye lots match on the paper, you don't want to hang it and then find subtle differences in the color

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HAVE A BLAST! I love to wallpaper. Do the prep work, esp. sizing your walls. That's why everyone seems to moan about taking it down: because folks don't do the proper prep work up front.


Don't be in a hurry. Get the proper tools. Then read and reread elegantlion's tips. Also, check out some youtube videos to help you get the feel of things before you start.


OH, and make sure to clean up your work. Large sponges and buckets of warm water are your friend. :)

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I'm in the DON'T camp.


Please, for the love of all things holy and good...do NOT wallpaper!


I've been in the process of removing 2 layers of wallpaper from ONE of my bathrooms for the last month. (slow process, yes, but, sickness, 7 kids, keeping the rest of the house, and school during this solo endeavor haven't helped me at all)


I. hate. wallpaper.


But if you insist...sorry, I have no tips.

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Another vote for "don't," but I guess you didn't make this a poll, did you?

Anyway, my tip relates to the primer. Have it tinted the color of the wallpaper background, especially if the wallpaper has a bright or dark base color. That way, if there is a little gap at the seems, the white wall won't show through. (ideally, there shouldn't be a gap, but nothing's perfect). Good luck!

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