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Would it be redundant to use RS4K one year, then RSO the next?

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I'm working on science choices for the fall, when ds will be in 3rd grade. We are using Sonlight Science, which is fine, but I'm looking into different ideas for next year. I've narrowed it down to RSO Chemistry, RS4K Chem and Physics, or NOEO Chemistry (though enough NOEO books are on the RSO list, that if I use RSO, I'd probably just work in those four books). Nancy Larson looks good in theory but the topics/levels don't work for ds.


I have spent hours researching this (looking at the samples) and reading posts here. So here's my question: would it be redundant to spend 3rd grade doing RS4K Chemistry and Physics (maybe throw in that Lego physics kit from HS Buyer's Co-op, too) and then to do RSO Chemistry for 4th grade? In other words, since RS4K is so much shorter, can I assume that RSO wouldn't feel too similar/repetitive for Chemistry the next year?


Since they don't have full book samples for either program, it's tough to get a sense of what they are like, especially RS4K. I have a pretty good sense of RSO. But RS4K? Not so much. I see people saying RS4K has a lot of writing but can't see how/where. And I have no sense of the experiments for RS4K b/c it only shows an observation of a cracker experiment. This does not inspire me.


Sorry to create yet another science post and a long one, but I feel like I'm trying to make a big decision kind of blind.




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Thank you OP. I've been going back and forth on RSO or NOEO for next year and I think I've finally decided. I'll stick with the RSO (I'm already familiar with it), but see if I can nail down the reading list from NOEO (and SL) to round out the RSO reading. Ahhh, relief.

I have no familiarity with RS4K, but hope that you are able to come to resolution soon.

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