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Anyone homeschooling in Alaska and part of an oversight group?

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I haven't looked too much into the oversight programs yet because if our place sells I thought we would be moving and you have to give back any non consumables. There is a possibility we could be staying now and if we are I would use one of the programs to get the allotment.


What is a good one to join? What is required of you and what do they allow you to get? Can you only get one resource per subject. Could I get right start math and something else? Do you give them a plan on what you want to teach and why. The money would really help out and allow me to get things that were a little too expensive. You can keep everything if you homeschool the whole year right? When do you sign up?

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What school district? We use Frontier Charter in the Anchorage School District. They are very non-intrusive. Basically, we met with our adviser who reviewed our plan and said it looked great. We are required to submit grades at midterm and final and our son is required to take the SBA's in April (AK's standardized test). They will pay for any secular curriculum (basically anything that is not overtly christian - bible verses). They reimbursed us for our Sonlight Core. They will also reimburse for things like karate, swimming, etc. They pay the 'vendor' directly for this. You have a lot of freedom to get what you would like until your set amount of money is depleted. We enrolled part way through the year, thus receiving a prorated amount. My understanding is that you have to be in the Anchorage School District to use them. There's another one, but I think they are more involved. Some I have talked to prefer the other because they want more support/contact.

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You can go to their website at http://www.frontierk12.org and should be able to find everything you need. You can go meet with them, without any sort of commitment...they are very helpful. They do pay for swimming as long as it's within your allotment and you follow their procedures for reimbursement. We have found them to be very nice and helpful when we ask, but definitely not intrusive. Good luck! :)

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