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Oh, that's right.

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I am sitting here in the early morning, everyone else still asleep and I hear a huge noise on my stairs. Not the stairs between me and my sleeping kids and husband, but the stairs between me and the outside door. I get all alarmed and jump up ready to figure out what to do when I hear another loud sound and all the sudden it dawns on me.


We got a cat a few weeks ago and cats can make noise on the stairs when they jump around. :lol: Here I was ready to go for a baseball bat. :glare:


To my credit, this is our first ever pet so it is no wonder I did not realize it was her. She is a pretty sleepy 7 year old during the day, but apparently by dawn she does her exercises on the stairs.

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Well - I'm glad you figured it out before you used the bat..... ;)


We have a cat and two dogs, and when DH is deployed- they keep me sane. All the noises I hear out in the living and dining room - I can blame them on the cat and not wake up and get terrified every five seconds :)

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