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John Bovey www.liveonlinemath.com

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I received a recommendation for John Bovey http://www.liveonlinemath.com from a member of another forum.

She purchased the video-only option after a 2-week trial of the video/1x week group class. I'm still hoping someone who is using the 3xweek class option will surface....



"We've been using the Pre-Algebra Video course since late last summer. My son will be finished in another couple of months.


We've really, really enjoyed it and I would wholeheartedly recommend his programs. You're probably aware that he has different course options. We did a trial period of the option which uses the videos plus once a week group classes. I thought they were very well done, the interaction is nifty and John is pretty good with the kids. We ended up going with the Video-only course, since it's more flexible in terms of scheduling, following the kid's lead, etc. And a little cheaper heh.


This was the first year for the Pre-Algebra video course, so I've found a few typos along the way in the answer sheets, for instance. John has always been very receptive to the corrections and has asked me a few times for more in depth feedback too -- is his humour too much? does it take away from the program?, is it a good balance?, etc. So he's eager to 'get it right' and is very approachable.


As for that humour -- my son LOVES it. And it's just 'enough'. Corny and silly little asides during the lectures, that break the tedium and keep it engaging. John's delivery is very dry and straightforward, so it's not like goofy, silly kind of humour, it's more like British humour, Heh.


No math program is perfect for everybody, of course, and with this course there are a few things that I would have done differently, concept-wise, if I were teaching it. But that's okay -- my son is getting it, he's enjoying it. I've been very happy with it and we will probably continue to use it for Algebra next year too."

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DD, 14, is in Mr. Bovey's live geometry class. It is a solid course, and Mr. Bovey has an excellent handle on using the online classroom and involving students as active participants. He is an enthusiastic and responsive teacher. Do you have any specific questions?


What would you say are the biggest pros and cons of his program?


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Just wanted to chime in, as we used a Live Online Math tutor for Pre-Calculus. It was not John Bovey, but he made frequent contact with us throughout the session. He was professional and quick to answer questions, constantly asking us how it was going with the tutor (who was wonderful)!


We had an unusual situation and he went out of his way to find the perfect tutor.


Very happy customer here! ;)

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Meets live 3X/week

Interactive classes

Enthusiastic teacher

Assigned homework

Tests and quizzes graded by teacher

Excellent communication with student and parent

Very reasonable price for a class that meets live 3X/week

No parental involvement necessary, except to proctor the tests



The process of scanning, editing, and sending the tests can be tricky. DD has figured this out on her own.

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