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Have anybody used The Language Market Online Tutor? I have found this 1-year subscription for homeschool for $99.00 from EDUSS http://www.thelanguagemarket.com.au/. They offer 10 day money back, so I am going to try it. Looks very interesting.


We have failed twice with other programs to learn Spanish and French, so we decided to try these languages later.

We decided to try at least Language 101 (days) or 180 day challenge and stick with it for Russian and Italian. At least one hour of Russian daily and one hour of Italian daily. I thought Italian will be easier to try, especially that I always liked it and wanted to learn it. Gosh I was wrong..., it is much harder than Spanish. Oh well, French was way over my head, and my daughter won't do by herself alone. But we anyway sticking with two languages for 101 day, and will see what will happen. We already do it as a preparation to get into routine for a few days, and it is working so far, getting better every day. Official date is March 1st. We take it easy and work until we feel tired. even if it is less than 1 hour for right now. Still making a progress.

So, I was debating between Language market and Forte! Italian for kids, that is very cute and colorful, but the textbook is totally in Italian, so we have to go back and forth with a dictionary to translate what to do with it. Though I think it is very useful practice. My daughter is a little old for it (7-10, she is 9). I still did not buy it, but it will come very fast from UK as soon as I decide on it. I bought Russian course from younglinguists.com, and it is great, and arrived within a week.

Another thing I was going to try The language market Italian for more fun, as it is animated, interactive and lots of practice.

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