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Hive, share your kitchen wisdom please -

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If you had to rough chop roughly 20 pounds of produce (mostly tomato tops, lettuce cores, bell pepper tops, etc - kitchen prep scraps) at least 3 times a week, possibly building up to daily, what kitchen wonder gadget would you want for the job?


Ideally the same device would also be able to grind meat. I don't care if it is a meat/veggie grinder or a food processor. I know Vitamix is able to do both, but I'm hoping to find something less expensive.

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When I have large quantities of veggies to chop, I use my Kitchenaid food processor. It's done in seconds.


I wouldn't recommend a Vitamix for that job. I tried using my Blendtec recently, and it gave very bad results. To get everything chopped, you pretty much need to puree it. I tried the "water chop" method with onions with no luck. I also tried to make salsa and it got too frothy.

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I use my KA food processor for those kinds of jobs. However, honestly, if you are just rough chopping, I find that my large, high quality, chef knife is the thing I'd rather use. Unless they were onions, I'd use my good knife for chopping. I could rough chop 20# in a few minutes with a good knife and a good cutting board.


A ***good*** chef's knife is one of my must-haves. I have wusthof knives, but I am sure there are other good ones. . . But a $100 knife is worth it for your chef's knife, IMHO. It is the one knife I can't live without.


If I was rough chopping that much that frequently, I'd probably pick up one of those cutting boards that fit over the sink so you can slide chopped veggies right off the edge into the attached basket, or possibly a cutting board that similarly attaches to the edge of the sink so you can simply scrape the cut food into the cleaned/food-ready sink. (I personally am grossed out by food touching my sink, no matter how clean it is, but I know lots of people do that, lol.)


I wouldn't mess with a food processor unless I was wanting the things finely chopped.


I am very curious as to what you are doing with those scraps!!

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We feed them to our pigs. Dh is a restaurant manager, so he brings home produce scraps. It cuts way down on the feed bill. :)


We currently chop them by hand, and it takes about 20 minutes. It will take less time when the pigs are bigger - little pigs, little mouths. But the scraps are all mixed up together and have usually been sitting all day, sometimes overnight, before they get home to me. They are :ack2:!

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