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I'm struggling to find a LA program which will work for my son and I.


We speak English as a second language, or rather, my husband and I do. Our children seem to prefer English.


My son is a natural in most things LA/English related, whereas I am just now learning what a noun and a verb is. :(


I'm much more math-oriented and already, at about a third grade level, I'm struggling a little bit to keep up with his questions.


We have done FLL and it's been great - FOR ME. My son does not mind it, I guess because it is quick and there is not much writing involved in FLL2.


We have done GWG - it's ok for me, my son does not like the repetition.

Same with WWW.


I have MCT and have read through it. My son likes it a lot, but it's way to fast for me. Or rather, I need more explanation that the little blue boxes every now and then. I'm not sure if I'll understand it better as we go along, but right now, it's daunting and terrifying.


PR was a nightmare (to me). Long story, but if your vowels don't sound the same as the teachers, it's not as easy.


He is a natural writer - should I subject him to IEW? If not, what then, because it's not as if I'm of much use.


I'd like to streamline thing and have ONE program that blends all areas. Right now it feels a little to disjointed - but then again, it might just be me.


I have looked at VIE, but Whoa! - it seems complicated! Or not?


What else is there that will support me enough (I really do want to improve), but still do justice by my son?


Thank you!

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We started using BJU English and we are really liking that. We originally were after VIE, but the price was a bit out of my league. I found that BJU was quite similar in samples, so we gave it a try. I find that the TM does a very good job of explaining and this might be what you are looking for to help learn along side your son? The chapters alternate - with one focusing on grammar and the next focusing on writing.

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