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Things all my children love because of Dh and me

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Classical music


Gardens and flowers

Good Cuisines, good cooking


Going to Museums

Open Air Museums

watching mysteries

watching science and engineering shows


being aware of current events

visiting National Parks, state parks, etc.

Going on nature hikes

Liking many types of music

being interested in history



NOw do you want to know why I am thinking about this? Because I now realize that my children had so many advantages in life because of all we gave them. I am realizing that with the start comparison of the lives of the children who don't have these advantages- and I am not saying that everyone needs to like everything we do- I just mean so many children don't even get exposed to anything like any of these things. For example, reading- my children from an early age saw dh and I reading. We read to them, we read to each other, we read to ourselves. They saw that we all took reading material to appointments- and they do too. Reading, not for school, but for pleasure and information , is one of our family's pasttimes. Unfortunately, it isn't for a lot of people. Same thing with music- we make it a habit to listen to many types of music. We go to concerts and take the children. Whether it is bluegrass, oldies rock, new compositions for a cello, or symphony orchestras, choirs, and such like, they have experienced many, many musical events.


Then I compare their lives with the little girl I tutor. I just know that if her parents would be giving her the advantages we did with our children (and yes, I know some like travel cost- so let's count out those that are expensive), she would have such a better life. As it is, she lives in an unhealthy home with a mother who I don't know what she is doing but by observation, the women like her in that neighborhood tend to be prostitutes. I see them on the street, I see the men slow down and call them over. It all makes me so very sad. I try to do my best in helping this child. I have given her books and flashcards to help her learn. She was so excited to just get a pencil of her own. Then there is this 16 yo friend of my daughter's. All this misery just makes me very sad. Sometimes knowledge is disheartening.

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