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sonlight core G and H

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We did Core G last year and we are doing H this year. You can see my kids ages and the other things we use to supplement in my sig.


We really liked these cores. I use them primarily as just history. Last year ds used Spielvogel's History Odyssey in place of SOTW. This year both kids did all the SOTW readings, but we add History Odyssey too. We hated the Genevieve Foster books last year, so we dropped them altogether this year. Times we are supposed to read them, we read more in History Odyssey.


The read alouds and readers have been enjoyable. We have added Lightning Lit 7 & 8 for an introduction to literature Analysis and writing programs instead of using the LA in SL. There were a couple of books that I replaced and I always chose books I thought were more high school worthy (such as the Scarlet Pimpernel which we added during the French Revolution).

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