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If You'e Given Up Carbs, How Long...

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It can take awhile, but usually 4-5 days. I don't 'give up' carbs but I do limit them and it has helped me to lose weight. I lost 15 lbs by limiting my carb intake, but I could never give up dessert, I just limit everything to small portions. If we are having baked potatoes, I eat half of one, if we are having a carby meal, I take a small plate and fill it up accordingly. Never take seconds, stop when you are satisfied, eat veggies, or fruit with the meal (I prefer a salad and then the meal). So no I don't give up, but I do limit!:lol: This has helped me lose so much weight it's crazy, and I am mantaining it all with moderation and exercise.


I hope you are successful though!!!:)

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I don't think it ever leaves you! At least it didn't leave me! I was fairly low carb (very low white sugar) for 1 year and it was pure will power - until I started giving in!!! A pure white bagel is always my downfall!


Just don't ever give in! Reach for the fruit/veggies instead and lots of salad. Good luck.

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Muffin in a minute helped me deal with strong carb desires. It is really the only way I could get through the first few days.




I make one like this but use a few drops of stevia instead of Splenda. Now I like them even withou the stevia. I also do not always use the butter but then I use half and half.


Good luck!

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