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Uncontrollable body movements when frustrated


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Dd has been doing something for years that has always bothered me, but I put it down to immaturity.


When asked to do something, like a chore, she will convulse and roll her feet and writhe a bit. This could just be a bad attitiude/habit, something she does to express her displeasure at having to do something she does not want. The only thing is she gets in trouble for it every.time.it.happens, and yet she still does it.


She is about to turn 11, it is embarrassing, but she cannot seem to stop it. Any idea or thoughts?

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My 11 year old son does the same thing with his legs. If he's sitting down, he'll bend over and flop his torso around a little too. In my son's case, I know this behavior is a bad habit. He can stop himself from doing this if he wants too. I've told him he's too old to be doing this and he seems to be doing it less.

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