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Organizing Internet Goodies!

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I am not crazy about the public nature of pinterest either, even though it is pretty. You could try Springpad, which works on your pc or iPad or iPhone and once I set up my notebooks in it, it has worked great. I use it for homeschooling, homekeeping, things I need to buy, gift lists, book lists, Internet links for the kids schoolwork, you name it! It has become my online brain...

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Microsoft's OneNote Notebook. Absolute best planner, digital scrapbook, and resource organizer EVER.


I have one notebook totally dedicated to planning. This is where I put anything I've collected that might be interesting. I have one tab for resources and each subject is listed under that tab with one or more pages. For example, I have a science page with sub-pages for science resources for different ages and grade levels. I might even break that one down into science topics in the near future.


I do not use a template. I have many different types of resources I like to remind myself of so I have a free form way of doing it. I even make the pages pretty! Some I have as a clickable link with a short description, some I have as a clickable link to a document I have downloaded and organized elsewhere in my documents file, some I have just a jotted note or a scanned book cover of a book in my personal library with a short description. Some are just a note about a book on my kindle or that I saw in the library. Some are links to netflix movies or you tube videos. I even have clickable links to games that are online and games that are on my computer.


Other tabs in the planning notebook have our homeschooling templates for our affidavit and our objectives (we are in PA), another tab has plans or ideas for next quarter, another has a list of curriculum that I am on the lookout for, for example.


Our actual day to day planner is also in OneNote and I am able to include photos and scanned documents in it to also use it as a way to record our days and our work. I have one notebook for each quarter.


This planner I do use a template for. I have a template with a basic planner for our school day. I don't plan more than a few days ahead, due to my strange children who can either zoom ahead or have brain-block regularly.


I have a tab for the month, and each day of the month that we do school is a page under that tab and named with the date. I can copy and paste the notes or links from the resource pages, which means that some stuff is accessible with a click right from the planner, like Timez Attack or ABC Mouse (good but not so good if you don't want the child to be on YOUR laptop) or even my SOTW or BFSU pdf files.


Some pages have sub-pages for photos, video, recordings, and scanned work. It is sort of a digital scrapbook of homeschooling. I can print from this what I want to use as our portfolio. I'd love to just put the darn thing on a zip drive (like maybe a Yosemite Sam zip drive that I saw at Staples :)) and give that to the school district but that would give them TMI.

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I use a couple of different programs for the kids I use http://www.symbaloo.com/ which I set as their homepage on their desktops.


This is the link to the desktop my kids see each day part of the buttons don't show up in the picture. http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/hopeacadamy


I also use symbaloo for myself. I created a bunch of pages. 1. with links I need for my blog. 2. Link for finding coupons online and the coupon match up blogs I follow. 3. Weather, agriculture stuff my husband calls from the field and asks me to look things up for him frequently. 4. Places I like to visit on occasion online.


I also have a Pinterest board which I use for homeschooling ideas that I've found online.

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Hey Jaz,

Can you give us a quick rundown of what all Evernote does? Do you use it for planning too? And you can use it on a regular PC, not just an ipad or something? Thanks for the heads up!


Oops, I'm just now seeing this, sorry! Evernote captures webpages with one click. Then, I label them by category. For example, if I'm planning for fall and come across a new science curriculum, I can put it in both my FALL and SCIENCE folders. If an article or webpage I like is removed from the internet, I still have a copy.


I can forward any email directly to my Evernote folder using #Title of folder at the end of any subject line. I use it to keep a record of photos I email to grandparents with sweet stories. I can also write notes and put them into any category.


I can access Evernote from my computer without internet or on the internet from any computer. It sounds like OneNote is similar. HTH! :)

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I love Evernote! It has software that you download to your computer. It also has a browser button and smartphone/tablet apps. I use it for so many things and it keeps things neat and organized. In addition to internet bookmarks, you can also clip photos and audio notes. Did I mention that it is awesome?


Here is a blog post I did about it to show you more... http://www.beingmrsroberts.com/2011/03/staying-organized-digitally.html

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I use evernote note just for keeping track of internet links and internet content. I have individual list on there such as birthday gift ideas for the kids, books to reserve at the library, longterm purchases I want to make, etc.


I like that it is program format neutral. I have excel tables that I have cut and pasted into evernote that I can view from evernote without having to open excel or be on a device that has excel.

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