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i am not a macbook expert, but I don't believe that you can airplay from one mac to another.

The sharing option would work if you are trying to airplay to a pair of speakers. For example I can set a pair of speakers in each room and send music to the rooms I desire, but I need an airport to do that or a blue toothconnection. Currently, I can share from my mac to my tv, because I have apple tv that receives the info, say a movie, to play on the screen. The same thing with the ipad. I cannot airplay from my mac to my Ipad. I have to download the itunes info to it and sync it. I don't believe you can sink 2 macs. As far as I know you would have to transfer your itunes library. Unless you are going to connect the macs physically, but I think what you are talking about is the airplay option. HTH

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Yes, you can. My ds has lots of music on his laptop iTunes, and as long as it is turned on, we can access that music and play it on our laptops anywhere in the house. His iTunes shows up on our iTunes as an option. We can't transfer music from his iTunes on his laptop, but we can play the music. Ds set it up, not me, so I don't know all the steps involved, but I think it was pretty easy because it only took him a couple minutes to do.

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