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Tablet shopping ...is the IPAD REALLY worth paying that much more?

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Dh wants me to have what I need. I will be using it for school for my soon to be 13 year old quite a bit....I was thinking we could do KISS grammar on it, free vocab websites, possibly accessing online spanish content, etc. Plus watching documentaries in the car maybe. Not sure what else. Also, I have a 2 year old, so as she gets a bit bigger maybe learning apps for her. I know IPads are amazing, but goodness, they seem to be twice the price of an Android tablet.


I know i might WANT an Ipad, but do I NEED an Ipad, or will an Android tablet work well for what I want. I'm also shopping for curricula with the same money, so less money on a tablet means more money to spend on books/math programs/language.

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Well my ds15 would argue that you do! He uses it a lot for school. He has their bluetooth keyboard so he writes essays, presentations, (he bought iworks) does his flashcards for latin, French, Greek etc on one of their apps which asks him questions based on what he got wrong previously. He listens to itunes U lectures, watches their lectures.


I was very reluctant but I'm glad I did splash out because he is using it all the time. There are a lot of things he could do on his pc but on the ipad it is quicker plus for whatever reason he prefers to use the ipad so if that is the incentive for him to do more work then I can't complain.


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What I found was that when I compared models with similar features and reviews-comparing, for example, the Toshiba Thrive with the iPad, you'd end up spending at least $500 no matter which way you'd go unless you got a really good deal. If you don't mind a 7" screen, there are a lot more options with good reviews, but I really wanted the larger screen since so much of what I use are .PDFs. And for me, the difference in the apps available for the iPad made it worth it to get an iPad. And this is double because of the age of your DC. Your 13 yr old probably would be fine with an android-most of the useful apps for teens/adults seem to be available on both platforms, but there are SO many good things for littles on the iPad that haven't made it to android yet.

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