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Yesterday at coop, a good friend gave me her used 4A and 4B HIG and TB of the US Editions since her last kid just finished it and she's cleaning out to make way for new. I got home and saw my 3B sitting here and remembered I switched to Standards for 3rd grade. Is it really okay to switch between US and Standards after each year? Or should I give them back to find another owner and stay with the Standards??

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From the Singapore FAQ:



  1. Can we switch from the US Edition to the Standards Edition?
    For 1A-2B it is possible to switch from the A book in the U.S. Edition to the B book in the Standards Edition. For levels 3-5, you will need to finish the B books of one level before switching to A book of the next level and not switch mid year. Between levels 5 and 6, it is not advisable to switch editions at all.




So it sounds like you can use the 4A/4B US edition and then switch back to standards for 5 and 6, if you want. The only thing I can think of that's missing from the US edition 4A book would be negative numbers, and it was pretty basic. You could teach it on your own with a number line. It was basically doing < or > and putting numbers in order (including positive and negative numbers). It also gets into things like "____ is 2 more than -10", but doesn't actually do any real addition/subtraction beyond that.

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