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He read it!!!

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I'm no longer against bribery!


Ds read all of the first and second set of Bob books for a starburst per book (reading and oral motor work :tongue_smilie:).


He had some stumbles, but did well. I think he's finally ready to put reading instruction back in the day. He didn't have to sound out every word, but, when there was a word he didn't know, he didn't try to sound it out and just guessed. I let it go because I wanted him to be successful for a little while.


Whatever program I use, I'll have to re-type everything. Too many words on the page and he says he can't before even trying and he still relies on the pictures for too many clues.


I may print the I See Sam books.


Are there any other free reading sources out there?

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Two series tipped the scale with my DS (or at least I believe they did). One was the Sounds like Reading series by Brian P. Cleary; they're colorful, lively and very easy, yet broad in their review of vowels, digraphs, etc. The other was the series by Nora Gaydos; again, they're colorful, lively and the stories are fun to read.


I also struggled to find a phonics program I liked and he liked and finally, after wanting to stick with a secular choice, opted to use A Beka's A Handbook for Reading and the workbook and readers that go with the program. DS really likes the format and doesn't beg not to do phonics anymore, and he also likes using Explode the Code workbooks now too. The readers that go with the A Beka phonics program are controlled readers that slowly and gently get progressively more difficult, and the type face slowly gets smaller as you go through the books.

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