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sonlight core G and H

Alison in KY

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I am considering buying core G and H for 7th and 8th grades. I'd love to hear comments on these two levels. Also, I believe G used to be called level 6...is there any benefit to buying the current level as opposed to buying a used level?


Also, in the past I have avoided sonlight readers because I felt like they were too mature/heartbreaking/scary/etc for my kids at the elem level. I did not want my kids learning about other kids being beaten, etc, or the missionaries that get killed. Now that my oldest is in middle, I'm more okay with these topics. I'd like to hear how violent, etc these middle school levels are.


Thank you for any advice and comments.



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We're doing level 7 and are on week 17. So far everything has been good. The readers have been really good. Not to violent or provocative but fairly high interest. My only warning is I read all the books out loud because my DS11 doesn't seem to concentrate on them without me being right there. Anyway the time commitment is about 3 hours many days. DD 13 really enjoys the books, so they are good. We didn't do core 6 with sonlight.

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We did core 6 last year and we are 75% of the way through core 7 this year. There are a few books I would watch out for, particularly in the early part of Core 6. I don't know yet if Core 7 gets rougher through the modern wars because we aren't there yet, but there certainly is potential.


While we love Mara, Daughter of the Nile, it has a violent ending, you'll want to pre-read.


I just went to look over a list of books for Core 6 (G) and really there are a lot of books that are fairly intense. We liked the books in Core 6 better than we have those in Core 7, but to my kids intense equals riveting, not scary. Dd doesn't like sad though and I don't remember any that ended too badly. I thought they were all age appropriate for my kids who were in 6th & 8th last year. Do check the SL forums. You can get some information there.


As far as buying used vs new, the only benefit to new is a free year on the SL forums. If you want that, it is worth buying new. If not, those Cores have not changed much since the Language Arts update which was 2006 or 2007 I think. I bought mine used and made sure to buy copies that were newer than that, although we still ended up not using the SL LA.

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