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need a great pre-school curriculum


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I apologize in advance if this question has been asked already, but I am new to this group and so it's new to me. :001_smile:


I plan to teach a pre-school homeschool co-op class next fall that is geared for kids ages 3-5, one hour long. I don't plan to have more than 11 kids and will be teaching in a classroom that is large enough to hold a table they sit around and a place to sit for circle time.


I have not yet chosen a subject/topic for my class and am open to just about anything. Though there is a lot of great stuff out there on the internet, I haven't yet found anything that I still don't have to spend a fair amount of time putting together a "lesson." Am I missing something?


This last year I have been reading a book and planning a short lesson around the book. Our hour usually ends with some sort of art project that typically involves coloring, cutting, or pasting. Though there is a lot out there (like Five in a Row and Story Stretchers), I feel like I am still spending a ton of time each week coming up with what we're going to do.


For those of you who have taught preschool, is there anything out there that you feel works well for groups in a limited space setting, where you don't feel as though you're "inventing the wheel" every week? Then again, am I just being unrealistic about not having/wanting to spend a lot of time in preschool prep time?


Thanks in advance for your thoughts!



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For that age group, I would probably go with Hubbard's Cupboard's 4 yr old lessons. They are based on character traits. They have 38 different traits (so you could pick & chose).


I'd start off with a few songs/finger-plays before starting the lesson. For example, one week could be "being a good listener/attentive". After you intro the theme, you could read a storybook (shouldn't be too hard to find a library book to fit the focus) or a Bible story. Then do a craft (for attentive, they could make bunny ears to remind them to listen?)


With 3-5 yr. olds, that might fill up an hour. If there's time left over, each trait has a coloring sheet with a picture and a poem/song at the bottom to go with it.

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This site (below) has some cute ideas....they have one camping unit and one seaside unit (with lots of activities and songs/finger-plays that can be used for each). Add a fun book each week to go with the subject and I think it could be really fun! (i.e. "guess what boys & girls, in our class we're taking a imaginary trip to the seashore...")




(LOL, I love preschool stuff...now I kind of wish I was teaching a preschool co-op in the fall!!! :D)

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So far with my preschooler we've been picking and choosing from HOD LHTH and Hands on Homeschooling (those are meant for the 2 year old but she loves to get in on the arts and crafts!). They've both been fun, although neither take up to much time (maybe 30-45 minutes for HOD, and HOH depends on the day and how much prep I've done, but again 30 min or so). Some things are one-on-one but there are lots of great activities in them.

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I was in a big discussion dealing with preschool this upcoming fall for my ds who will be 3.5 when he begins preschool.


I just couldn't decide on whether to buy him a laid out crafty preschool curriculum, a boxed christian based curriculum, something I pulled together from freebie resources, or to just do a hodge podge of things that didn't require too much from me.


WELL after ALOT of back and forth this is what I've decided for ds. It could be of some help to you in checking out what we're using to see if they would be a fit for your upcoming preschooler.


Explode the code primer series: Get ready for the Code, Get set for the Code, & Go for the Code. (I'm not expecting him to complete ALL of these book. Going at his pace!)


We will switch from Explode the Code and Funnix through-out the week.


Handwriting without tears: Pre-K book.


Language Lessons for Little Ones.


What your preschooler needs to know book. I plan to use this book to fill in. This book to me is a MUST!! I wish I had it for my dd's when they were in preschool. It has LOTS of stories, science activities and information, history information, and math activities. LOVE it! Can't wait to use it. I even found a blog that lists ALOT of prek and kindergarten science activities with book lists and such. After I printed it I realized that the what your preschooler book had very SIMILAR information in it!


IF he shows he's ready for something more structured for math I will dig out MEP Reception year.

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