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Shoes with support?

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I got plantar fasciitis last fall. My feet have been good for the last month or so running and everything. I've been wearing either good shoes with support built in or extra support placed in my shoes. Mostly the latter.


I tend to buy cheap shoes at Target, at Payless Shoes, etc. But now I'm gun shy about shoes. What are some brands of shoes that tend to be supportive - arch support mainly. I know about Merrells and Keens. I have a pair of Merrells and those do pretty good, but mine are so obviously winter shoes. Sketchers do remarkably well but I don't like the sandals they have for this year. Well, that's not exactly right. I like one pair of sandals, it's the color that is bad. So what brands are good? And where do I find them?

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hubby has plantar fascists,and got his orthopedic doc to recommend a shoe insert. That way , whatever shoe he is wearing, he just switches the insert and gets the support he needs. I've seen the inserts both at running stores, and also can be made by the doc to really fit the foot.


I've thought about this and I use inserts now that I switch around. But I'm looking toward sandal season.

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