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Teachers Lounge 2-24-2012

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Yep, it's the "lounge" today because I'm too tired to hike up the mountain and open the Lodge. :D


What did you plan on doing today that isn't going to get done?


Here: I wanted to go to my friend's crop (scrapbooking event) for at least a couple of hours but that's not going to happen. And I have so much to work on, too! :glare:


What did you do that you didn't plan on doing today?


Here: I took not only my kids, but a friend's daughter, to Biology today with the understanding that my friend would take the kids to MoezArt (drama class). Well, because Biology was the only co-op class meeting today, it lasted longer than anticipated. So I wound up buying lunch (Little Caesar's pizza) and taking the kids to MoezArt. Then I had to come home and let the dog out of her crate and thus, the reason I didn't make it to the crop. Because I have to pick up my kids, too, at two different times! :tongue_smilie:


What are your plans for the weekend?


Here: my son has his last baseball game of the season tomorrow morning at 8am! Then, I believe my daughter's writing group is meeting tomorrow afternoon.


A friend and I might get together to scrapbook tomorrow night but she said it all depends on the state of her kitchen. They're putting in a new stove/oven today. :D


Talk to me! :bigear::lurk5:

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